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ChatGPT for LinkedIn
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ChatGPT for LinkedIn
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Can you Imagine automating
Email replies, fast? Comments on LinkedIn? LinkedIn chat messages? LinkedIn Recommendations?   Good LinkedIn posts? Detailed emails from scratch?

What is writi writing tool?

Designed to help you communicate more effectively and escape conversational chaos without worrying about writing skills.

Unlike other tools that provide generic content you’d be embarrassed to use on LinkedIn or in your emails, with Writi, you have complete control over the uniqueness and personal touch of your comments.

Let us give you a quick demonstration of the ChatGPT | GPT-4 email correspondence tool. Write 2 or 3 words about your email in the white box, and then click the blue ‘Generate’ button.

The more detailed your input, the more accurate the result.
Please allow it a few seconds to load, it’s worth it!

Directional arrow graphic.

Writi.io is not a content-generating bot; instead, it’s a product powered by ChatGPT | GPT-4 AI models from OpenAI, made specifically for LinkedIn (and emails). It’s an AI writing assistant that creates original content  directly from your LinkedIn, or inside your email box. The features are accessible via the Chrome extension.

Just type three words to give Writi a hint about what you want to say, then sit back and let Writi figure out the context of your conversation. Choose the content you want to use, uniquely crafted for your specific conversation. We’ve integrated the AI from OpenAI’s ChatGPT | GPT-4 turbo and built it to work specifically for LinkedIn and email. It’s super simple to use, yet very powerful.

ChatGPT for LinkedIn
Try the web extension now
with an unlimited 3-day trial


Here are some commonly asked questions
The best way is just to check it out your self by installing the extension

Looking to spruce up your LinkedIn profile?

Writi.io generates relevant, engaging content for your bio section. 


Simply enter some basic information about yourself and voila! You have instant access to professionally-written content that will make you look great on LinkedIn!

  • Easily create and share informative content, helpful tips, and interesting insights with your connections.
  • With writi.io, you can now leave insightful comments without needing to type anything! This amazing new tool allows you to communicate better with others, and make your voice heard in discussions.
  • Reach out to your connections or clients quickly with this powerful tool. That means no more typing out long messages or trying to remember what someone said in a previous conversation. Using the keywords you provide, Writi takes care of the writing for you!

Create LinkedIn recommendations without typing anything!


When prompted, simply select the pre-written recommendation that best suits your colleague’s skillset. You can always edit the text to personalize it further.


Your colleagues will appreciate the high-quality content that this tool produces, so be sure to check it out!

(coming soon)

Writi.io is a new writing platform that allows writers to create SEO-optimized content specifically for LinkedIn. You can easily target your audience with well-written and informative articles that are designed to get attention on the world’s largest professional network.

This handy tool helps create emails in just a matter of seconds. With its easy-to-use interface and time-saving features, writi.io is a great way to get your correspondence done quickly and efficiently.

Our Chrome Extension works with your favorite email providers:
  • Gmail
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Outlook

Writi generates relevant suggestions for email responses based on the content of the message, so you can be confident you’re not missing anything important.

Writi supports 7 different languages:

  • Hebrew
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Italian

Don’t worry, we’ll be adding more languages soon!

You read that right! You can still enjoy the app without spending anything because writi.io also includes a free version with 10 daily tries and one LinkedIn post per week!

(Coming soon)

With writi.io, you can get your blog posts written with perfect SEO! You’ll be able to create informative and engaging blog posts that will rank high in search engines. So check it out and see how easy it is to use!

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